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PHASE CLUB is a music party club in Xining.

The client is the person in charge of Xining "no man's land" music activity brand. They have planned artists' performances and held music parties in many small and big music bars to spread music culture.  However, because they were using other people's venues, they always encountered various restrictions and had to tolerate and compromise in the process. So they decided to create a space with their own character, so that they could curate their label work freely. PHASE is defined as the phase position, which is the position of a wave at a particular moment in its cycle. Just as the fluctuation caused by "no man's land" is now at a certain point, we look forward to the subsequent chain reaction. 

PHASE is on the second floor of Wangfujing shopping mall in Xining. Once you get on the elevator, you can see the door of the club. Several metal blocks are stacked layer by layer like frozen waves, and the gap between them is the entrance. PHASE will not be open until 10 pm, so there is no need to worry about the sound of music affecting other businesses in the mall.

Walk into the club, first is the deposit and ticket office. Ticket price varies depending on the DJ artist each week. While buying tickets, heavy coats can also be stored. After all, wearing too thick will affect personal charm when dancing.

The ceiling of the corridor is composed of many arc-shaped structures. Each arc originally had no intersection point. However, reflected by mirrors, a new symmetrical order appears, just like a kaleidoscope.

At the end of the corridor is the LOUNGE area, which is slightly away from the dance floor and less noisy, so it is a good place to have a drink before entering the dance floor. Four parallel metal lines, affected by the gravity of two spherical chandeliers, are rippling slightly, implying that the fluctuation here has just begun.

The central sofa area is enclosed by four giant mirror symmetrical curved structures to create a sense of central visual weight, and this is the most lively place in the entire hall. When the DJ in front turns on the bass, the laser in the middle will be activated with the frequency of the music.

The "big eye" facing the DJ booth is the window of the VIP room, which provides the best view when the artists are performing. The "big eye" is also a piece of electric fogging glass, when the guests in the room need privacy, they can turn on the switch, then the glass will turn into a frosted state.

The toilet is located in the aisle connecting the big hall and the small hall. Some guests will follow the aisle to the dark small hall with only dim light. And this aisle also acts as a sound-proof cavity.

In the big hall are mainly hip hop, house, disco and other relaxed, upbeat style music, while the small hall is biased towards techno, ebm and other more heavy and fast music. The lights here mostly are narrow beams of lasers with small diffuse reflections to flash with the frequency of the music. The overall dim illuminance also allows people in the space to focus more on the music itself.

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