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Peydro Herrero Clinic

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Creating a space linked to the studio’s philosophy and exploring the work of our clients in depth, the new Peydro Herrero dental clinic sought to balance the seriousness of dentistry with the intimacy of design. A project marked by the virtue of new materials and submitted to the architectural barriers of the building in which it is located, with areas constructed on different levels and structural elements difficult to adapt to the pure rationality of the proposal.


In order to turn defects into virtues, we exploit the existing change in the floor level, designing a projecting glass box that brings spectacularity to the project, while it harbours the management, communication and planning offices. The rest of the structure also adapts to the conditions of space and is intelligently defined by distributors.


The use of materiality is reduced to the essential, in search of a monochrome aesthetic in a textured gray color, which interestingly interacts with walls and ceilings to the resin floor and the rest of the elements. The glass is also introduced by its neutrality as walls between the two waiting areas and eight boxes. With a microperforated coating, degraded in black, it is possible to opacify the lower part of its surface, in search of a faint sensation of privacy. It is a way to create less visible, and more intimate, subspaces, while the transparent part understands that the same interiors that could feel compressed, feel open.


The facade is a consequence of this same language of gradients, revealing the linear simplicity of the backlit logo in the upper fraction of the windows, located in the interior lintel.


Perhaps the great particularity of this project is the different vertical surfaces in that even if they do not change their material, in a certain way, they do. From smooth to wavy (as abstract simplification of the denture), this concept is introduced throughout the space, looking for a new narrative beyond the usual rigidity of dental clinics, in which many times the repetition of boxes ends to impersonalize the environments.


In this sense, the richness of a subtle undulation, together with the glass, provides each corner of the clinic with a greater sensation of spaciousness or "spatial luxury". Both the waiting rooms and the sterilization and operating room areas are projected in the same glazed way and are strongly supported in gray oak wood paneling to match the warmth of spaces.


A third open waiting area accompanies the operating room and the recovery room, giving greater space and functional dynamism to this large clinic. Both this area and the rest of the more private rooms, have been dressed with the models of seats Sam and Bud of the firm Carmenes, also designed by the studio.


The rest of the more private spaces are configured by the X-ray room, photography area, office for employees, and public and personnel services. The rooms are linked to the same materiality and design discourse.

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