Perspective towards use of a traffic island

Perspective towards use of a traffic island

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Bandstand Promenade, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050, India | View Map
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Providing a new perspective towards the use of a traffic island in the city

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In a densely populated city like Mumbai, every inch of space available can be used to enhance the city in various ways apart from development. Can be used to increase the social communication among people and different communities. But only senior citizens and the children make optimum utilization of public parks and the open spaces. While the adults and the youth are busy working and the only major source of interaction with the community in their lives is the communication that occurs on the streets. Hence, streets and the traffic junctions form the most important regions for connecting with people and sharing of ideas for them as well as enhancing the city and creating landmarks. Thus, designing and planning the unused traffic islands and junctions in a manner to use it to form a gathering space is very essential.

Bandstand being Bandra’s most visited promenade space with the small unused traffic island at a prime location has the potential to turn into a landmark can be recognized throughout the city. 


“Applying the concept of adaptive reuse for similar abandoned spaces within the city, putting them to a better use, for the public as well as visitors”, as quoted by Ar. Rinka D’Monte. 

The park has successfully managed to remove the visual and physical barrier in the form of walls, making it more open to public. The traffic island of 3000 sq.ft. holds an aircraft and well-articulated seating spaces for the public with a blend of the hardscape as well as softscape. The selection and arrangement of plants add up to the beauty of the sea facing plaza, which overtime will be one of the iconic images within the city.

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