Perm Strategic Masterplan

Perm Strategic Masterplan

Perm, Russian Federation
Plans directeurs

Spatial framework to guide the transformation of the city of Perm

KCAP en tant que Urbanistes.

Perm, capital of Perm Krai, is a large industrial city on the Kama river, with around 1 million inhabitants. It is located some 1,400 km away from Moscow. Geographically, it is the first European city west of the Ural Mountains.

The Perm Strategic Masterplan proposes a comprehensive vision for the future development of this city. It defines essential spatial conditions, development potential, limitations and desirable qualities for Perm.

The Masterplan describes opportunities and development directions over an extensive period of thirty, forty or even fifty years and adopts the Compact City approach. This model attempts to balance lasting patterns of land and resource use with social and economic sustainability and a high quality urban environment. It demonstrates strategies and tools to be used in transforming cities designed under the central planning paradigm into contemporary living environments of appropriate density at a human scale.

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