Perimeter Center for Culture and Education

Perimeter Center for Culture and Education

Makhachkala, Russian Federation
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Perimeter Center for Culture and Education

PERI FOUNDATION en tant que Éducateurs.

The international jury, comprised of leading architectural and cultural figures from Russia, Dagestan, and the world, reviewed 8 concepts developed during the workshop held February 1-10th in Makhachkala.

Participating in the workshop were 30 young architects – none more than 30 years old – selected by experts from almost 100 applications submitted to workshop’s organizers. 2 participants each from the USA and Italy came to Makhachkala, while the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Belorussia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Kazakhstan each had a single participant. 18 architects came from various cities in Russia, including 5 from Makhachkala. Participants were broken up into 8 teams working on concepts for the Perimeter Center under an experienced group of tutors: Yaroslav Kovalchuk, a teacher from the Moscow School of Architecture, Hiroki Matsuura, MASA Architects (Netherlands), Narine Tutcheva and Peter Popov from Russia’s Rozdestvenka Architectural Studio.

Based on the results of voting by the jury, the P I C (PERI Innovation Center) concept was chosen as the winner of the Space for Future Education Workshop. Authors: Anna Petrova (Russia), Patricia Urlan (Romania), Jeffrey Stevens (USA). Tutor: Hiroki Matsuura, MASA Architects (Netherlands)

Polina Filippova, PERI Foundation Executive Director: “The PERI Foundation supports talented youth, and has faith in its ability to create something new and change life for the better. The workshop has proven the validity of the strategy we have chosen. We gave young architects the chance to prove themselves, and they did not let us down. There were 8 very interesting concepts created, it was very hard to choose the finalist.

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