Pensilina attesa autobus del parco dell'Ippari

Pensilina attesa autobus del parco dell'Ippari

Giovanni Gatto
Urban Park 'Ippari, Via Benvenuto Cellini, 23, 97013 Comiso RG, Italy | View Map
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Bus shelter of the Ippari park

Giovanni Gatto en tant que Architectes.

The intervention area, located in the north-western outskirts of the city of Comiso (RG), is delimited by the Ippari river and large urban roads. The urban void, left over the years in spontaneous greenery, was not used by the community because it lacked the necessary conditions for safe use (pedestrian areas, lighting, leisure attractions, etc.). Along the main road, via Gandhi, very dangerous because of the high speed passage of motorized vehicles, there was a bus stop, of modest size, not equipped. Buses stopped on the road and passengers often waited in the cars of the companions parked on the sides. Along it the horizontal signs, marked on the road, and the shelter have allowed, inadequately, the local and long-distance bus service. The canopy, not sized for the average number of users, was without seats and did not include toilets. The design intervention solves the dangers connected to pedestrians, due to the high speed, as a side lane has been created for buses with a waiting area, sheltered and equipped with seats, placed at a safe distance from the cars. In the contracted project, services were thought of but not a bus shelter to replace the one removed. The block, decentralized with respect to the stop, provided for a two-pitched roof.

The project intervention, an improvement offer, provided for the expansion of the structure so as to also contain a resting place, equipped, for waiting for buses, not included in the original project.
In order to try to change the original project as little as possible, the two blocks (bathrooms and caretaker) have been re-proposed, detaching them, in order to create views and invitation gates to the park access lanes. A continuous, flat roof has been extended to become a shelter for waiting passengers.

The intervention, in addition to performing the functions of stopping and waiting, constitutes a real gateway to the green and equipped areas of the park.
A large glass wing protects the waiting area and at the same time becomes a "screen" on which the "scene" of the park behind is projected.
The insertion of a seat in local stone increases comfort while waiting. The canopy and services were designed to be enjoyed by the disabled.

The complex, which also acts as an entrance to the park, was built using mainly sustainable materials such as wood and stone.
The cladding of the structure is in wood while the flooring is in local limestone, the Comiso stone. The roof is made up of insulating panels in which twenty-six photovoltaic panels are placed which, with a nominal power of 6 kw, will feed the lighting system of the work and the video surveillance of the park. The wooden cornice hides the photovoltaic system from the view of the users.

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