Pedongkelan-YN House

Pedongkelan-YN House

West Jakarta, West Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia | View Map
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Ernest Theofilus

Pedongkelan-YN House

HYJA en tant que Architectes.

The site is located in a densely populated residential area. The House position is located in a corner and oriented to the west, so it is exposed to the sun in the afternoon. We respond with a secondary skin design to cover most faces of buildings that have large glass openings. The second skin is a sustainable wood grille, easy to care for and environmentally friendly, this lattice reduces the sun's rays in order not directly shine the inner space. we also design the second skin from the iron plate, so it does not impress the wood solely. This second skin gives the impression of shade through the shadow that arises.

Swimming pool in position on the side, so as not to take space from the building inside. The pool terrace is placed in the middle of the room so as to divide the inner space into 2. Fields in this area are given glass openings, so that visually all the rooms are still connected, and not seem narrow.

The pool has a cooler temperature, we put the ceiling fan on the pool terrace to draw the wind from the temperature of the pool, and when the corridor door is open, it will feel cool breeze into the room and the air pressure changes.

Home theater space under the pool, made a glass openings for visual continuity of the building, and at the same time illuminate the room inside.

The bedroom balcony floor features a hollow iron plate for continuous air continuity. This material reduces the impression of solid. The combination of wood, iron and stone walls gives the impression of a modern tropical house, as well as a blend of green landscape to reduce the massive impression on the overall shape of the building.


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Sustainable Wood replacement for pool deckConwood
Roofing shinglesGAF
Fiche technique du produit
Sustainable Wood replacement for pool deck
by Conwood
Roofing shingles
by GAF
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