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The methodological approach used in the design is essentially a set of methods and techniques that make up the different stages of assessment and planning. It refers to what is suggested at Community level for the proper management of the project cycle according to the methodology of the Logical Framework (logframe), which is structured in a logical and sequential project examining the different components: general objectives, project objectives , expected results and activities to achieve them.

A thorough analysis of the issues related to the creation of a composite action as the one we are addressing, has led us to identify three themes that are at the basis of a necessary intervention that can not be delayed for the architecture of the third millennium: the quality, the ‘technological innovation, the multi-functionality.

The quality, in fact, is furtherly divided in relation to a series of inputs: the flexibility and adaptability of spaces, alternative energy sources, building automation, bio-architecture, as factors of well-being and savings, but also of strong educational impact.

Technological innovation at the level of systems, networks, plant and equipment is also a challenge to overcome the “technical” barriers that may prevent you from walking in step with the times.

The multi-functionality, however, is an issue that also takes into account the considerable resources necessary to intervene on construction in general, that do not allow to put aside any possible changes of use in the future and the strong role that “social” public spaces can exercise.

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