Parkside Student Residence

Parkside Student Residence

Diamond Schmitt
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Parkside Student Residence

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Parkside Student Residence is a 23-storey student residence located in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Shared by Ryerson University, U of T, George Brown College and other students, Parkside is a modern, safe student living space that integrates community with academic objectives.


The concept for the Parkside logo fuses themes from the natural world and from human experience. The icon represents both the cross-section of a tree trunk (a centre where things grow and radiate), and a fingerprint (a personal touch). The warm colours, rounded typeface, and circular forms combine for a youthful and modern logo.


The Parkside brand, environment, and wayfinding introduce bold, cheerful visuals that speak directly to millennial culture – the ways individuals come together to create a bigger picture and a better place.


Visually, this concept is represented through a series of smaller dots that form a larger graphic. These circular elements reflect the Parkside logo and emphasize Parkside’s commitment to community.

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