Touzimsky Herold & Mehlem


TOUZIMSKY HEROLD & MEHLEM en tant que Architectes.

Within the dense city of Salzburg Lehen, within its heterogeneous urban fabric, between multi-storey apartment buildings and detached houses, a city figure is placed: a nursing home, a day care centre, assisted living, public housing, as well as a supermarket, offices and a public park.

Starting point for designing was a homogeneous urban block. It was brought into shape by specific architectural operations that were responding site conditions as well as researching the relationship of outside and inside spaces, of public and private. The result of this spatial investigation is a 3-layered horizontal separation: upper part as elevated buildings, an open mid-zone and below the topographically shaped ground. Its precise form is based on the new functions, on the additional paths and circulations that assist the existing modes of movement, as well as by places that are established for resting and observing.

Thereby the “original block” opens up more publicly, green areas of the city and the courtyard emerge.

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