Parish Center in Porcuna (Jaén)

Parish Center in Porcuna (Jaén)

Pablo Millan
Plaza de la Constitución, 12; 23790 Porcuna, Andalusia, Spain | View Map
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Parish Center in Porcuna (Jaén).

Pablo Millan en tant que Architectes.

Intervening in the historic city implies inserting a new order that allows to read all the preexistence in a logical way. The plot on which we work has all the conditions typical of a city environment with all the concentrated historical density. An important manor house that was demolished in the 1950s, left a significant urban void.

This house in turn was heir to medieval structures attached to the wall and in turn inserted into the architecture of the Roman city of Obulco. In this complex fabric of the city and almost like a dreamlike image by Giorgio de Chirico, we project a clean, stripped-down, essential architecture with large ambulatory as meeting places, and large open rooms that accommodate the program. The project must assume the preexistence of rooms and give order to everything.

It is developed in three phases of which only the first has been executed. In successive phases, the patio will be closed, which will give volume to this type of house with a centered patio. We assume a historical structure, the cloister corner vault, and as R. Moneo emphasizes in The Life of Buildings, through an orderly, rhythmic and silent repetition, we insert a contemporary reading in this historical window of the municipality. The project chooses to insert an important geometry, a computer layout that allows at all times to bring balance to this great urban void plagued by messy backs and party walls.

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