Pabellón  El ECO

Pabellón El ECO

CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica
Année du projet

Pabellón El ECO

CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica en tant que Architectes.

To define this unique space, the first step is to display that the void (understood as "the absence of matter") perceived, it is actually a three-dimensional volume delimited, that by itself offers its own experience.


For this volume to be understood, a drawing of the entire patio space with a three-dimensional structure will be generated. The original vacuum will be filled by 1m3 modules each, which together fill the limits of this large container.


Once understood the totality of Eco´s courtyard, it will create a new living space from the removal of these three-dimensional modules. It is proposed to demonstrate the invisible, ambiguous relationship among the full body and the vacuum space that are occupied at all times, in a new space within a courtyard that has always existed.




Team: Bernardo Quinzaños, Ignacio Urquiza, Diego Rivero Borrell, Maria Fernanda Téllez, Aida Hurtado, Sebastián Segura, Carolina Almeida, Tadeo Franco, Manuel de la Torre

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