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Located in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Marseille, with its wild and dense vegetation the project Oxigen is truly an oasis. The balance of nature and human intervention is the key of our project and the foundation of every sustainable construction. Oxigen will perfectly fit in its surrounding thanks to two approaches: firstly respecting the existing biodiversity and secondly looking farther in the future. It will propose new ways to develop the city and live in a community and individually.

Despite the Mediterranean art of enjoying the shadow’s freshness in summer, the sweet weather in winter and everyday sunlight, the housing has been thought considering seasonal space evolution. The residents could easily stroll on the inside and outside every time of the year.

Hence, the project has been inspired by Le Corbusier’s thought on liberal plan. Our buildings introduce a real connection with nearest and farthest vegetation. It creates the impression of building disappearing in the landscape, some slice of life submerged by nature, little fragments where nature and its reflection are blurred. An illusion protecting the intimacy. Wellness as much as nature are the keys of the project we imagined.

Dwelling means so much more than just possessing an apartment. It means taking a place over and turning it into a space where it feels good to be. We would like to create a place that not only favors privacy but also encourages exchanges through private and common places in privileged lifestyle. 

The entire condominium is built on three principals: flexibility, sunlight and exterior areas. Consequently, several configurations happened maximizing frontages’ opening and favoring the relation to nature. Each apartments has its own relation to nature and horizon according to its position.

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