Oud sluis

Oud sluis

Lieven Musschoot
Sluis, Netherlands
Koen Van Damme

Oud Sluis

Lieven Musschoot en tant que Architectes.

Lieven Musschoot studied interior design at the Sint-Lucas Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in Ghent,Belgium.He founded his own studio in January 2008.Projects include restaurant,hotel,residential and retail design,in janaury 2007 Chef Sergio Herman asked to designed he’s new restaurant at Sluis. The capacity must be 45 seats. “The evolution of the kitchen is an ongoing process, marked by renewal and innovation, says chef Sergio Herman. Here at Oud sluis,every day is an improvement on the previous day” Herman’s decision to upgrade Oud Sluis, crowned with three Michelin Stars, into a modern cosmopolitisch restaurant with a minimalist interior included interior designer Lieven Musschoot, who incorporated Herman’s words into his plan. Not only perfectly in sync with modern times, the elegant interior reflects Herman’s travels to New-York, Marrakech, London and Ibiza. Glazed partitions in black and white separate the various areas of the restaurant. A Harmonious combination of black and white furniture complements surfaces of glass and leather, and walls with a warm golden tone. Dividing the kitchen from the dining area is a wall padded in soft-Gold leather and interrupted by a framed opening that offers patrons a glimpse of the kitchen. Two striking pieces-Jaime Hayon’s Showtime and Easy chairs-create an intriguing contrast between pure classicism and extreme modernity in an interior boasting a mix of plastics, quilted upholstery, sleek white-lacquered wood and traditional ceramics.Guests have the opportunity to treat their taste buds while feasting their eyes on surroundings replete with aesthetically considered details The Lighting is from Wever & Ducré and for the toilets Lieven Musschoot selected a pendant model from Dark’s 12-25 collection. The two fire spaces in the restaurant are designed by Lieven Musschoot and is produced by Depuydt Belgium.

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