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The largest solar park in Europe The retail park Orange-les-Vignes offers to the riverains residents of this region an ideal place for shopping and for relaxing. At the borders of the city and of the vineyards of Chateauneuf du Pape, the project is in harmony with its environment and echoes the silhouettes of the wineries. With a familiar, meanwhile contemporary architecture, the project reinterprets the codes of the local anchorage.

In sharp contrast with traditional retail parks, Orange-les-Vignes embraces a seductive, welcoming and human-scale architecture, more respectful of people and their environment.

Its roof, made of photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 2 163 kilowatts, made from this project the biggest Photovoltaic installation in Europe. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, Outsign has developed a cross-sectors customer experience, by conceiving the urban property, the signage and the visual identity of the park.

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