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one40william is one of Perth’s most significant and influential new buildings, enlivening the city’s retail centre and setting a benchmark in environmental sustainability – achieving a 5 Star Green Star Office Design rating and targeting 5 Star Green Star Office As-Built rating.

Located directly above Perth underground railway station, the site context is unusual in that it includes heritage building fabric, major street frontages and a pedestrian mall.

Based on progressive responses to workplace design, public realm, climate and context, the building has been designed from the inside out rather than fitting functions into a predetermined aesthetic.

One of the fundamental design principles was to develop a new ground plane that blurs the boundaries between public and private, social and workplace, circulation and interaction. The resulting design incorporates a series of laneways and arcades that connect with the surrounding urban fabric and provide access through the site.

The building contributes to the social sustainability goals of the City of Perth, celebrating heritage, developing new linkages between workplace, retail and public transportation, and creating a positive new shared, civic space.

The work spaces are located above the retail and public areas, with campus-style floorplates ranging in size from 3,000 square metres to 1,100 square metres as the building rises in response to the site and space requirements. The stepped and angled floor plan allows more than 80 per cent of its area to be within eight metres of full height external windows. Coupled with light-metred switching, this minimises the use of artificial lighting.

Both celebrating and mitigating Perth’s specific microclimate, the building takes best advantage of light and shade. Its orientation allows maximum daylight penetration into the work environment and incorporates extensive landscaped rooftop spaces and winter gardens. The office floors are oriented east-west and the highest office component is located to the north to self-shade the lower office floors. This results in almost half of the north-facing facade being naturally shaded and a quarter of the floor area being daylight compensated.

Additional sustainability features include transport options (public, bicycle, end-of-trip, reduced car parking), grey water storage, high efficiency low temperature VAV air conditioning, heat recovery, ‘peak load’ generator topping, and waterless WCs.

During construction, a recycled waste management plan included minimising PVC content by 30 percent, using 100 per cent post consumer content for 60 per cent of building steel, and creating dedicated recycling facilities.

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