Om Penthouse
Stefano Pedretti
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Lights above stair, Floor light Vibia
Lighting KARMAN Srl
Table and chairsRoda SRL
Pendant lights Foscarini
Wall covering grès Mutina
Taps and fittings Fantini

Fiche technique du produit
Lights above stair, Floor light
Pendant lights
Wall covering grès
Taps and fittings

Om Penthouse

Carola Vannini Architecture en tant que Architectes.

This prestigious Penthouse overlooking an historical Roman Villa, has been completely modified, both from the functional and aesthetical point of view.

The day area has been opened through the demolition of several partitions. This has created many perspectives that all end  toward the surrounding large terrace.

The main architectural element is the stair that  brings to the upper level.

This is a very light element, adjacent to a transparent glass wall that may become white, through a simple switch, in order to hide the kitchen behind it.

When the glass wall is transparent, the different day areas are all visually connected: entrance, living room, dining room and kitchen.

The big surrounding terrace is an extension of the house itself. It hosts a dining space, a kitchen and a large living area.

Through a wide corrodor one enters the night area, where two bedrooms and two bathrooms are located.

On the upper floor, an office space  and a second terrace are located, both overlooking the stunning surrounding view.

Material Used :


1. Pendant light over the table: Peled by Viabizzuno

2.Painting above fireplace by Valeria Corvino

3. Radiator by Irsap


1. Lights above stair by Vibia

2. Wall  paper by Glamora


1. Furniture by Keysbabo

2. Pendant lights by Foscarini

3. Fridge by Fhiaba


1. Ceiling light by Karmann


1. Wall covering grès by Mutina

2. Taps and fittings by Fantini

3. Bath tub  by Jacuzzi


1. Floor light by Vibia

2. Table and  chairs by Roda

All built in furniture are custom made and designed by Carola Vannini

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