Ogilvy Offices

Ogilvy Offices

FOR design planning
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
CarpetsMohawk Group
Geometry, Biomorph, Home Ground
Suspended lightLambert & Fils
Office pod Framery
Work stationsKnoll
Collection Classic
MillworkFormica Group

Fiche technique du produit
Geometry, Biomorph, Home Ground by Mohawk Group
Suspended light
Office pod
Work stations
Collection Classic by Knoll

Ogilvy Offices

FOR design planning en tant que Architectes.

Ogilvy is a group on the move, following acquisitions and a change of identity, the group wanted to make organizational improvements and considered moving but the final choice fell on optimization. Indeed, the location is centered in a district of character, a strategic location for the firm. The acquisition of adjacent space allowed this project to move forward.


Balance between innovation and classicism

The company has always excelled in original creation. From this observation, the reflection was oriented on the enhancement of the historical capital and the identity of Ogilvy in the service of the talents of the company. The concept for the new spaces has developed around two distinctive elements: The common thread, the character and founder, David Ogilvy and the red backdrop, the brand's identity color, which are integrated into a refined minimalist environment supported by a simple palette of white and black contrast.


The objective of this planning was to create links and provide a platform to allow various types of teams to take ownership of the space, according to their needs.


“Encourage innovation. Change is our lifeblood, stagnation our death knell. ” David Ogilvy


Create a living space between private and public

It is a hub of activity, a multifunctional HUB sensitive to people and conducive to exchanges. For. design planning has developed a public living area, between reception, collaboration and private workspaces integrating different degrees of privatization.


The boutique hotel type quartz counter is positioned as being more open to the outside. Visitors and customers are greeted with a look, a smile and a coffee. The reception area doubles as a function of exchange lounge, informal and formal collaboration. It is a place where customers, employees from different departments and partners come together on a daily basis. This lounge punctuated by classic furniture from the 50s, is a place of creative collision where the improbable becomes probable. There is furniture by Knoll and Herman Miller, classics under a black acoustic ceiling (custom-made), punctuated by accent lighting bringing a feeling of intimacy and completed by the choice of Mohawk rugs regulating the sound level. of this open space.


Depending on the circulation element, the red core, the space is divided into areas with progressive levels of confidentiality. These are spaces for formal meetings, creation and presentation that follow one another, each one being able to accommodate from 2 to about 20 people. At the bend of a corridor we see the portrait of David Ogilvy as a source of inspiration and encouragement and we find the personification of his presence in his quotes, affixed to the glass surfaces. This new development of the 3rd floor includes an extension of 50% of the surface. It has been modified to accommodate collaborative work and allow cocktails and all-ends, presentations of the company's miles stones.


The offices of the Ogilvy agency are on two floors. As the fourth floor is operational in the medium term, the space has been revised on an ad hoc basis, thus making it possible to concentrate on the third. This choice made it possible to bring out the values ​​of the company, respond to a need while optimizing the use of space and the visual impact. Production and creation retained their momentum within their work units on the upper floor, but they gained in spaces for collaboration and interaction on the third floor.


From this project we retain the balance created between these antonyms: vibrant, intense but also welcoming, refined and intimate space.

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