Oceanica shop

Oceanica shop

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Katie Kutuzova

Oceanica shop

STUDIO SHOO en tant que Architectes.

Oceanica is the first conceptual seafood boutique on the Caspian coast - in the city of Makhachkala. The restaurant is located in the central historical part of the city.


The concept is based on the indigo colour - a deep blue, that is involuntarily associated with marine theme. For this project were implied simple building materials such as pink polycarbonate, concrete effect plaster and small-format white tiles. The oblong room is visually divided into three zones (entrance zone with take-aways, the main room with French sofas and communal table) thanks to suspended marine ropes, which makes it more housewarming and accommodating. The open kitchen consists of several seafood display cases and the ordering system is very simple and easily accessible to the customers.


A communal table, for parting crowds, is designed in the centre of the room. Its uniqueness is that it is multifunctional: it can be either disassembled for smaller groups or assembled back. Also all designed furniture pieces are made according to the sketches of the architects. The whole room is planned as a "transformer" so there is a possibility to play around with seating capacity.


There are four-seats tables near the windows, from where guests have an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful cityscape.


As an art objects there have been implemented amusing paintings of fish wrapped in newspaper and large coral-colored crabs.

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