Obereiderhafen Rendsburg

Obereiderhafen Rendsburg

Querkopf Architekten
Am Obereiderhafen, 24768 Rendsburg, Germany | View Map
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Obereiderhafen Rendsburg I Competition

Querkopf Architekten en tant que Architectes.

The main challenge of this design lies clearly in the particularities of the property. A little away from the inner city, yet centrally and directly connected. On the one side, it is cut off from the place by the striking track system. On the other side, extends the Obereider and reveals the potential of the property at the same time, it recalls the charm of the formerly vibrant maritime city.

Under the railway tracks one reaches the central gate to the property, which currently ends in both directions in a dead end. This feeling was to reverse the opposite and to develop an exciting architecture that is not only functional, but also experienceable. Our goal is not just to let the promenade run, but to create interesting open spaces and interspaces that allow a lively interaction between visitors and locals.

We decided to use an abstracted form of the prevailing and customary cubatures for the area B as design-shaping formal languages. The classic gable house therefore forms the basis for this design. It is this shape as well as the resulting alleys and squares are what lend many of the port cities their charm and maritime flair. Even more, it is reminiscent of the small, lively trading town that once was Rendsburg. In contrast, on the area A it is a modern and striking sculpture with a view over the city. From the water in the entrance to the harbour, one might think that there was a big two-master with hoisted sails on the quay wall. The lightly coated corners and edges make the building seem sculptural

Viewed in its entirety, the two construction areas harmonize with their contrasts. Together they allow a relationship between tradition and modernity, they create a place with remarkable appeal. On a metaphorical level the construction appearance also establishes a relationship with the known sculptural park,  creating a connection to the northern water side. In terms of urban planning, we take upon the picturesque typology of Rendsburg and reinterpret it.

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