Oak Bathroom

Oak Bathroom

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Oak Bathroom

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The bathroom is clad in American red oak. The panel is mounted with a ventilated chamber between the coating and the insulation. The oak is treated with a diffusion-open natural Mafi oil. The sink, also inoak is madeusing the cut-offs from the rest of theinterior. The wood isglued and pressed, and then CNC milled. The bathtub is made of cypress wood, untreated, and has a subtle sweet wooden scent when filled with water. The armature is made of brushed copper. The shower is made with standing oak lamellas easing the water runoff. The shower is treated with diffusion open OSMO oil wax. 

The bathroom is built to prove the theory of hygrothermal mass, and no additional heating is installed in the bathroom. 

Explained in short; Hygrothermal mass is wood’s capacity to store energy, chiefly in the form of energy from moisture. 

"We waste a lot of energy in the bathroom, often making it 3–5 degrees warmer simply because it feels cold when we step out of the shower with a damp body. But why heat the room all the time just for those few minutes when we get out of the shower? “If, instead, we have a bathroom where the ceiling and the walls are clad in exposed wood, we can use the energy that the walls and ceiling absorb when we shower to heat up the bathroom temporarily. Wood’s capacity to absorb moisture is enough to make the room at least two degrees warmer. So the room warms up at exactly the moment that people want it to, and for the rest of the time the bathroom can stay at the same temperature as the rest of the house.”  Dr. Kristine Nore PhD
The theory proves to work, after a warm shower or bath, the temperature in the room rises about 4-5 degrees, and stays warm for about 45 minutes. The floor feels warm when stepped on with bare feet due to low thermal conductivity in wood and hygrothermal mass due to moisture from the body. 

What was the brief?
What were the key challenges?
What materials did you choose and why? 
In addition to the points mentioned above; Oslotre is an architectural practice and timber consultancy specializing in timber design and constructions. The practice offers a full range of architectural and consulting services for design, production and construction of timber structures. Oslotre has more than ten years of experience with timber architecture on different scales and typologies, and a background from solid wood (CLT) production. Oslotres team of architects, engineers and carpenters has fostered an environmental consciousness and commitment to designing and building for the future and for the planet. The practice has a holistic approach to architecture and seeks to build natural buildings with natural materials. 


Material Used :
Facade cladding:  
1. All surfaces: Oak, Svenneby sag & høvleri
2. Interior furniture: Built-in oak furniture
3. Batthub: Zen bathworks
4. Armature: Vola
5. WC: l Bango Alessi

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