Notodden Housing

Notodden Housing

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Notodden Housing - residential houses and apartments for disabled children

ASAS arkitektur en tant que Architectes.

asas arkitektur, Atsite and Fragment (formerly Eriksen Skajaa architects) were prequalified for the planning and design competition for the development of a headland at the Tinnelven outlet into the Heddal water. Previously site for Tinfoss ironworks in Notodden. The task was to outline a residential area and a building with eight interconnected apartments for disabled children.

The main grip is a step-by-step transition through neighborhoods to the landscape room and the water via good lines of sight and varied typology from point houses, slats to terraced houses. The odds are flood exposed, the sketch facilitated public flexible public spaces at the lower level below the flood level that caters to the footpath along the headland, which can withstand a 200 year flood. The area is designed with the goal of creating a clear and safe residential area that merges private and public spaces into one another, and safeguards good climatic and sustainable principles in both the building and the housing.

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