Northwoods Cabin with Trisore 100H Fireplace

Northwoods Cabin with Trisore 100H Fireplace

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Photos by John Magnoski

Northwoods Cabin with Trisore 100H Fireplace

European Home en tant que Fireplace manufacturer / distributor.

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Sometimes people think minimalist modern design has to look a very certain way. You see it in art galleries and in the pages of purist modern design magazines — stark white walls, perfectly clean lines, and no space for clutter, children or let’s face it, life! We love this month’s installation because it bucks that whole idea that clean lines only belong in certain spaces and indeed in certain regions.

The north woods of Minnesota, where the air is clean, the mosquitoes are thick, and nothing beats a roaring fire on a cold winter’s day. Traditional and Modern styles seamlessly converge as the Trisore 100H’s clean lines are framed and anchored by the warmth and beauty of a timeless stone hearth.

Special thanks to All Seasons Fireplace for their beautiful job on the installation.

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Fireplace manufacturer / distributor
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Fireplace manufacturer / distributorEuropean Home
Fireplace dealerAll Seasons Fireplace
Fiche technique du produit
Fireplace manufacturer / distributor
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