Nogi Jinja reception space

Nogi Jinja reception space

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Nogi Jinja reception space

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Spatial design around Nogi Jinja reception space. We designed the area around the counter, fixtures and signs according to the space planned by Hiroshi Oe, a famous Japanese architect.
When we heard that materials have an impact on behavior, we felt the importance of using "real" materials.

The reception space is semi-outdoor and is an environment that many people can touch. Therefore, the material was selected in consideration of robustness and cleanability.
We considered using vegetable flooring, which could be called a "new real", rather than stone or solid wood. This flooring is an abstract pattern that resembles a Japanese suminagashi, expressing inspiration from the natural landscape. By installing this material, which is originally used only for the floor, in various places, we created a sense of unity as a whole.

In addition, it was important that the space was highly variable depending on the season and the event, so by combining it with a ready-made work table with casters, we realized functional furniture while keeping costs down. The fixtures for displaying amulets using Japanese oshiki are categorized so that it is easy to understand the various types of amulets. The sign has a graphic that makes it easy to understand how to draw fortunes, aiming to be a reception space that can convey the culture to as many people as possible.


DATE:Nov, 2019
PLACE:Tokyo, Japan
CLIENT:Nogi Jinja
INTERIOR DESIGN:Seiji Oguri (id inc.)
GRAPHIC DESIGN:Seiji Oguri (id inc.) Yohei Oki (side inc.)
CONSTRUCTION:Hiroshi Iguchi (Esta Build Co., Ltd.)
PHOTOGRAPHS:Norihito Yamauchi

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