A place where the pulse of the city meets life by the sea

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Nicolinehus is a new residential and commercial building located in the heart of Aarhus Ø, shaped by the pulse of the inner city and linked to life by the sea. The ambition is to inject life into the new harbour district and pave the way for new perspectives on the opportunities that the context provides out there where the city meets the bay.


A re-imagining of the classic housing block
The inspiration for Nicolinehus was drawn from the inner city’s old housing blocks, reinventing the idea of the courtyard framed by apartments and adapted it to the life and climate by the seaside. The result is a hybrid between the classic housing block and terrace-like landscape, where function and aesthetics blend together into a new whole.


"I have never seen anything like it in my 20 years in the industry. The several hundreds who have already signed up for an apartment explained their interest was due to Nicolinehus’ unique location, innovative architecture and high-quality materials," - Martin Busk / Co-owner and CEO of Bricks.


Life takes place in the courtyards and rooftop gardens
The melding of the stringent structure of the classic housing block together with the staggered surfaces of the terrace-like landscape has resulted in a visionary work of architecture; open, vibrant and with expansive views, where life takes place in courtyards, rooftop gardens and balconies. Split into a residential and commercial area, which slopes down to the marina and harbour bath, Nicolinehus sports two open courtyards while the rooftop gardens offer panoramic views for its residents and workers.



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