SANAA / Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa en tant que Architectes.

The new Urban Campus for the Bocconi University is located on a large site close to the city center of Milan, adjacent to the existing university.

photo_credit Filippo Fortis
Philippe Ruault

The project comprises several buildings, each with its own program: the teaching and administration building (a number of interconnected cells), dormitories and a recreation center. These buildings sit in a new park that is open to both the university population and the general public.

photo_credit Philippe Ruault
Philippe Ruault

The volumes that compose the teaching and administration building touch one another lightly, allowing for a flow of students and professors from one cell to the next. Every floor has balconies along its perimeter, screened by an undulating metal mesh that creates a porous relationship with the city.

photo_credit Filippo Fortis
Philippe Ruault

Each volume has an interior courtyard, typical in Milanese architecture and each is designed to have its own distinct character while being part of a larger system. These are lined with porticos at ground level offering peaceful environments for socializing, studying and gathering in the open air.

photo_credit Philippe Ruault
Filippo Fortis

Once inside, the architecture is permeable throughout and characterized by a sequence of columns, transparent rooms and trees.The park presents courtyards of its own, formed by a series of porticos that shelter the garden pathways from sunshine and rain. 


Cliente / Client: Universita’ Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milano

Team di progetto / Design Team: Yoshitaka Tanase, Francesca Singer, Nicolo Bertino, Lucy Styles, Enrico Armellin

Architetto Locale / Architect of Record: Costa Zanibelli Associati

Architetto Esecutivo / Executive Architect: Progetto CMR Engineering Integrated Services s.r.l.

Masterplan e Progetto Urban / Urban Project: FOA : Federico Oliva Associati

Concept Strutture / Structural Concept: SAPS

Ingegnere Strutture / Structural Engineer : Studio di Ingegneria Pereira

Supporto Scientifico / Scientific Support : Politecnico di Milano

Ingegnere impianti / Mechanical Engineer : Advanced Engineering s.r.l.

Antincendio / Fire Safety : Ing. Silvestre Mistretta

Sicurezza / Safety Coordination: Soluzioni s.r.l.

photo_credit SANAA

Bocconi Urban Campus

LAMM en tant que Custom furniture.

Custom furniture by LAMM for the New Bocconi Urban Campus. LAMM confirms its role as a leader in developing and manufacturing tailor-made solutions for the Educational sector with an exclusive, comprehensive supply of furniture for a new campus designed by SANAA studio.

Crédits de projet
Architetto Esecutivo / Executive Architect
Custom furniture
Architetto Locale / Architect of Record
Masterplan e Progetto Urban / Urban Project
Fiche technique du produit

Custom furnitureLAMM
Fiche technique du produit
Custom furniture
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