New building in El Redín High School

New building in El Redín High School

Otxotorena Arquitectos S.L.
Pamplona, Navarre, Spain | View Map
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Rubén Pérez Bescós

New building in El Redín High School

Otxotorena Arquitectos S.L. en tant que Architectes.

The program's requirements of the project is based on the expectations of the growing number of students of the College, given the evolution of the demand for places. And it is built around the requirements of current legislation, under the specificities of the educational project.

The construction of a new set of classrooms is understood from the outset as an excellent opportunity to reset the suitability of the center's facilities. It seeks to satisfy the criteria that the experience has been settled regarding the design of teaching spaces. The building faces with ambition the discussion on the size of the expected local, its space and comfort qualities, the resolution of their functional requirements, evidence, and clarity of the circulations, the choice of materials and efficient facilities.

The project undertakes the orderly arrangement of a total of 10 basic teaching classrooms beside the current building of the College, in the orchards Aranzadi Pamplona, according to the following structure: 7 secondary classrooms, 2 Laboratories, and a Music Hall. The result is a compact building connected to the existing one and dependent on it. It is a trapezoidal volume (14 meters centerline by 45 long), and consists of 4 floors which are arranged in continuity with the center. The proposal chooses to exploit the particular conditions of the lot, with a geometry that adapts to the planning regulations and assumes an offset of 5 meters with respect to the perimeter of the plot and internal roads, given the decision of the property about its location and connections.

This scheme tries to solve optimally the relationship between the uses and communication, based on the needs in the field of evacuation and access control. Taking advantage of the topography, the elevation of the ground floor matches the playground located on the North facade, while the basement is directly associated to that in the existing building. The building has two entry points: one in the basement, which relates the general facilities of the center with the new building, and the main, located on the ground floor, overlooking the playground. Arguments of experience brought to school to show their preference for a ceramic coating for the entire new building towards greater assurance of maintenance and robustness.

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