New Balance 574grey Day
Eugeni Bach

New Balance 574grey Day

Anna & Eugeni Bach, architects en tant que Architectes.

The project aims to design the space for a party to launch the reissue of the mythical New Balance 574, a pair of sneakers that are making a comeback 30 years later. The party of 150 people -influencers and instagramers- will post images of the event in networks followed by thousands of people.

With these starting points, the project proposes a space where all the elements are grey (as a tribute to the original color of the 574) and that encloses the space with a simple gesture: light.

Seventy standing lamps create a route that accompanies the visitors from the entrance on the street, curbing itself to limit the space and reaching a final point, where a platform in the form of spiral leads all views to the NB 574, located at the highest point.

Along the route, from the entrance to the final destination, several elements are placed carefully, preparing the guests for the mythical shoes. On the access walkway, and as a welcome, works by Sergio Odeith and Tamara Akves, made on the N of the brand, are exhibited. In the central space, and prior to seeing the expected sneakers, a series of mythical design pieces such as the 80´s Mac, a Mr. Potato Head, and a classic phone or an 8mm camera, all unified in gray, introduce us to the objects of the 80s, the decade of the 574.

The final plinth, in spiral, allows the NB 574 to be visible from all around the space, while people go up to photograph the shoes, or to be photographed, a time in which both the sneakers and those who approach them become the stars of the party.

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