B-architecten, B-bis & B-city en tant que Architectes.

The 40 subsidised housings are divided over 2 oblong volumes that are oriented from the north to the south, resulting in an east-west orientation for the housings themselves. The small low volume is four-storey high and holds 8 duplex flats with private gardens and 8 flats with large terraces. The higher volume is five-storey high and holds 24 flats. The two buildings are separated from one another by a common inner square. All entrances open onto this central square. The gardens have a back entrance accessible via a garden alley. There is an underground car park and a bicycle shed beneath the square and the volumes. The façades are covered with light green glazed ceramic tiles. The tile patterns are interrupted by glaucous concrete panels. The alternation between the tile patterns and the concrete panels scale the buildings and generate varied dynamics to the façades.

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