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NCaved is located on a small secluded rocky cove seemingly hovering just above sea level. The need to create a protected shelter, at a location of disarming view, but openly exposed to strong north winds, led us to the decision to drill the slope, instead of arranging a set of spaces in line at ground level.


We applied a rectangular grid to the slope to produce a three-dimensional “chessboard” of solids and voids. This strict geometry is discontinued with the rotation of the last axis of the grid, which provides the living area with ampler view. Shifting the axis intensifies the sense of perspective significantly, and thus the imprint of the residence appears minimized at the conceptual end of the ascent.


Longitudinal walls of dry stone create the vertical borders, which lead the visitor's gaze to the horizon line. In contrast to the sturdy stone walls, the transverse facades are light, made of glass and can open along their entire length. The front is fully open to the east view, while the rear windows frame indoor gardens, enhancing the air flow and letting light into the residence.


An in caved staircase connects the three levels externally and leads to the main entrance, located at the living room loft. This smooth descent into the interior of the house slowly reveals the initially hidden spaces of the house, while framing a two sided view: a visual outlet to the sea during the descent, an outlet to the sky during the ascent.


In-caved areas are “negative” spaces. They result from severing and removing part of the rock. This rough feeling of a natural cavity was what we aimed to recreate with our choice of materials and color palette. Stone, exposed concrete, wood and metal are used with precision to create coarse inner shells.

Ncaved House

Alumil S.A en tant que Aluminum Windows & Doors.

NCAVED house by MOLD architects responds to a rocky, windy site in Agios Sostis, Greece, by drilling down and embedding a house within the earth. The result is a sheltered home that is highly protected yet takes full advantage of ocean views.

The architecture was generated by projecting a rectangular grid across the slope, resulting in a three-dimensional ‘chess board’ of solids and voids. The rigid geometry is interrupted with the rotation of the outer axis of the grid. This rotation serves to open-up the living area and provide wider views.

Longitudinal retaining walls of dry stone define the exterior of the dwelling and direct views towards the horizon line. Meanwhile, shorter transverse partitions are made of glass and open along their entire length. Installation of the SUPREME S650 PHOS Eclipse system with the minimal aluminium frames and the totally concealed track installation covered with the marble floor finish, allows the unification of the external with the internal environment and provides an unobstructed view. 

While the front of the house fully opens-up to the eastern view, rear windows are nestled underground and open-up into interior gardens in a move that enhances airflow and brings natural light into subterranean floor areas. 

Embedded into the slope, a set of exterior stairs connect the three levels of the house to the main entrance, which is located at the living room loft. This smooth descent into the interior of the house slowly reveals initially hidden spaces, while framing views towards the sea along the way. 

The architects explain ‘in-caved’ areas are ‘negative’ spaces resulting from severing and removing part of the rock. The rough feeling of the natural cavity spaces is recreated with the choice of materials and colours, being stone, exposed concrete, wood and metal lining. 

* The source for the description above was MOLD Architects office 

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