Nautical Genius and Creative Craftsmanship

Nautical Genius and Creative Craftsmanship

Baglietto, Italy
David Churchill (interior), Jerome Kelapogian (exterior)

Nautical Genius and Creative Craftsmanship

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In the world of superyachts, creativity goes hand in hand with craftsmanship - something that for years seems to have been absent in most branches of interior design. For every vessel a specific interior is created within the relatively limited space of the hull and within the strict nautical regulations. It is safe to say that every superyacht is a work of art in itself. Bannenberg/Rowell Design's work certainly proves the point. They recently designed the interior of the Natori, a yacht built in 2009 by Baglietto in Italy - over 41 metres (137 feet) in length and styled by Francesco Paszkowsi. It boasts an advanced hull shape, and two 2750 h.p. engines supplying a maximum speed of 21 knots.

The design of superyacht interiors is a métier for specialists. These designers are not only required to take strict nautical regulations into account, but the dimensions, curves and technology of the vessel as well. It is their job to create, within the given parameters, optimum luxury and comfort to meet the generally high expectations of the client. Bannenberg/Rowell Design of London are such specialists, with an impressive record. Dickie Bannenberg and Simon Rowell continue to build on the reputation that father Jo Bannenberg established world wide.

The Natori is one of their latest creations. It is a yacht of over 41 metres (137 feet), built at the highlyrespected Italian Baglietto shipyard. Back in 1854 the yard’s founder, Pietro Baglietto, was already building boats there. The first racing vessel was the 7.50 m (almost 25 feet) cutter Rosy, built for Lord Giuseppe Ponza of San Martino. When motorboats first entered the scene at the beginning of the 20th century, Pietro took an immediate interest in the innovation, and launched his first motorboat. His motto ‘We were the first. We will remain the best’ led Baglietto to consolidate its reputation in the second half of the 20th century, with superyachts, of which Natori is one of the latest editions. The Natori, which has an aluminium hull, was styled by Francesco Paszkowski.

The project was managed by Master Yachts and Jeremy Comport from Camper & Nicholsons International. Thanks to its non-symmetrical superstructure the interior designers could create 20% more interior space than would be achieved with similar yachts of that size. The designers, in consultation with the owners, opted for a modern interior that is notable for its considerable spaciousness. Luxury and comfort feature prominently in the various salons, the master suite and the five guest cabins (which can accommodate ten people).

Every area is different, has its own ambience and an attention to detail that is found only in yacht design these days. Here, craftsmanship is paramount, especially with the differing moods in every area and every component having to be site specific. This is skilled work that reflects the craftsmen’s years of experience. An eye-catching feature of Natori’s interior is the modern flair added by the designers. Generally speaking, superyachts of this type tend to be more traditional, with a surfeit of gold taps and glittering surfaces. None of that here, in this vessel with its airy impact that is enhanced with African details. The fabrics used in the interior were supplied by De Le Cuona, Fox Linton, Abbott & Boyd, Andrew Matin, Brian Yates, GP & J Baker, Lelievre, Osborne & Little, Robert Allen, Vescom, Alton Brooke, Turnell & Gigon, Donghia, Kravet, Sahco, Pierre Frey, Robert Spurway, Bruna Triplet and Zimmer & Rohde.

Furniture is by Summit, Tresserra, Ralph Pucci, Ralph Lauren, Glyn Peter Machin, Yard, Interdesign, Gotham Nottinghill, J Robert Scott, Valerie Wade, Iinteriors Bis, Alton Brooke, Archer & Smith, Charles Edwards, Davidson, Deksmart, Villiers and Tattiana Tafur. Rugs and carpeting by OT Carpets and Tai Ping.

The suppliers of lamps include Porta Romana, SB Furnishings, Rebecca Scott, Gotham Nottinghill and Mr Light.

Robyn Prince

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