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Nature was born as an avant-garde project to create a unique space in front of Playa de San Juan. A residential building designed to provide the services of a large city without leaving its natural habitat. Nature is that contact with the outside environment, cha- sing the oxygen, the relief and the sea breeze through a warm skin-lattice ceramic “baguettes”.

There are two elements that define its external appearance. The white aluminum rings that, together with the typological variety and distributions between floors, generate sinuous lines that surround the buildings. And on the other hand the ceramic, forming a second skin of variable density with vertical slats that works as a large lattice protecting the facades from sunlight.

On the ground floor, the white gloss trenca- dís is the main material, wrapping around the garden. The private open space is organized by a gray amoeba of concrete frota that dis- tributes all the uses: the main entrance and the entrances to the buildings, the SPA area, the zen garden and the hammock space, the children’s playground, the paddle tennis and the swimming pool.

Starting from the pool, the landscape is de- signed as a green gradient towards outside, from areas of less traffic in the perimeter using plant species with low water requirements - towards the center of the site with a selection of more ornamental species, combining the mediterranean and tropical character. We find contrasts everywhere between the mediterranean tradition and the new technologies to offer its own and particular identity for this residential complex in Playa de San Juan.


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