National Pulse Memorial and Museum

National Pulse Memorial and Museum


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National Pulse Memorial & Museum

Coldefy en tant que Lead architect .

The Competition 

Launched in March 2019, a unique two-stage global design competition, led by the independent architect selection firm Dovetail Design Strategists, garnered 68 submissions from 19 countries. The submissions were narrowed down to six finalist teams who developed concept designs for a public exhibition and comment period that took place in early October 2019.  
A blue-ribbon Jury comprised of onePULSE community members, civic decision-makers, global thought leaders, and world-renowned architects selected Coldefy with RDAI | HHCP following a public viewing and comment period in early October. Informed by over 2,300 comments from victim’s families, survivors, first responders and the public, the Jury felt their design best reflected the interests expressed by the community, demonstrated design excellence, inventiveness, creativity and alignment with onePULSE’s core values.


The Architecture Proposal

- The Memorial
The PULSE is the source, the place of events which echoed throughout the world, the point of departure of a project transforming hearts, minds and inspiring the Orlando SoDo District development. PULSE becomes the center of gravity; it radiates and transmits. Water is the connecting element, from the existing fountain, it becomes a shallow reflecting pool encircling the club. 
The design concept features a reflecting pool encircling the PULSE building, which will be integrated into the memorial design. In memory of the 49 victims, a palette of 49 colors lines the basin and radiates towards a peaceful garden planted with 49 trees. 

- The Museum
The design also envisions a spiraling museum and educational center with vertical gardens, public plazas, and a rooftop promenade. 
Complementing the National Pulse Memorial, the museum and educational center will pay tribute to all those affected by the PULSE tragedy and serve as an important place for dialogue and education acting as a catalyst for positive change. It will be central to realizing onePULSE Foundation’s credo “We will not let hate win. 

- The Health Survivors Walk
Additionally, the Orlando Health Survivors Walk will trace the three-block journey many victims and first responders took the night of the tragedy to reach the Orlando Regional Medical Center and extend north to the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Interactive sculptures commemorating all those affected by the tragedy punctuate the shaded esplanade of the Survivors walk on Orange Avenue, from the memorial towards downtown.
Future promenades, bike paths, and a PULSE shuttle connect to the train station and create walkable connections that serve as a framework for the healthy future growth of the neighborhood.


The Team

Client: ONEPulse Foundation
Coldefy, Lead Architect
RDAI, Associate Architect
HHCP, Local Architect
Xavier Veilhan, Artist
dUCKS scéno, Scenographer
Agence TER, Landscaper
Prof. Laila Farah, Consultant, 
specialized in Women’s and Gender Studies, Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies


Memorial parcel 3966 sqm
Museum parcel 7365 sqm
Museum floor area 4500 sqm - parking 300 pl. Survivors walk 1.3 miles

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