Yuchen Chao


FAHR 021.3 en tant que Architectes.

NAPPE is a permanent art installation next to the National Exhibition Center at Nangang a new city area in Taipei. Considering Taiwan’s cultural values and geographical condition, NAPPE is a piece related to the Jade mountain, the highest peak of the island and a symbol of purity, honesty and national values, Taiwan’s topographic characteristics, an open air pavilion that attracts citizens into a new city experience and feeling.


In geology, Nappe is a large sheet of rock, that due to the tectonic movements as been moved from its original position over another rock mass, creating an accidental breach into the Earth’s geological structure.


The artwork takes form as the digital manipulation of an ortogonal grid or an accident, emerging from the ground and creating a scenic wireframe structure that releases the sidewalk for people’s daily movements. The resulting space as multiple possibilities of use, from presentations to performances, concerts, etc. The colour and lightness of the structure draws a dynamic and morphological image that invites people to approach and develop a closer relationship with this piece. At night Nappe reacts to its surroundings, like people approximation and weather conditions, generating different light patterns through a game of intensity/vibration.


Winner of Public Art competition for Taipower Company’s Public Art



Author:  FAHR 021.3
Team: Hugo Reis, Filipa Frois Almeida, Catarina Azevedo, Sérgio Marafona, Henry Ko 
Curator: Artfield - Huichen Wu
Engineering: NCREP + He-Lin Structural Engineer & Associate
Construction:  He Ten Creation Center
Light design: FAHR 021.3
Lighting project: NoiseKitchen Art
Photography: Yuchen Chao
Client: Taipower Company’s Public Art
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Built: 2019
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