Namra Coffee
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Namra Coffee

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Located on the bustling Hoang Dieu street in Da Nang city, Namra Coffee holds within itself a feeling of serenity, intimacy, a cherishment of slow-living moments right in the heart of a hurried city. Designed by D1 Architectural Studio as a relaxing place to escape from city busy streets, Namra Coffee is an oasis of tranquility and silence which is covered with layers of greenery.

The old house once served as a wedding dress showroom with an original style of 70s modernist. Tan Nguyen – the head architecture was fascinated by the charm of historic architecture and decided to preserve the most iconic details to breathe in an impression of reminiscing among the new elements. By treasuring the things that make this property unique: double-layered brick walls, green cement floor, 70s style balcony, it leaves a shadow of the building’s former self while is still able to highlight the new lively appearance and enrich its character. The green cement color was employed to become the theme color for this coffee shop. Through revealing layers of old architecture, the team wants to display such tribute to the past and form a connection of bygone days to the present.

D1 retained the historic style of its original building and modified with modern materials for functional and aesthetic purposes. The setting while charming in its authenticity, posed an immediate and obvious design challenge. In order to create the desired peaceful atmosphere, D1 Architectural Studio aimed to rework the existing structure into a “healthier” open space with greenery, natural lighting which allows movement to flow freely across the floors. The team relocated the stairs to the back of the property and took down blocking walls to open up the space and improve ventilation. Half of the heavy concrete floors were removed and replaced with a steel-framed structure to raise the floor step. The new spatial arrangement harmonizes the characters of spaces: Stillness and Movement.

On the ground floor, the coffee bar creates an ambiance of a lively atmosphere which will make a good first impression. On the second floor, things are slowly shifted into a much relaxed and private atmosphere. Customers can leisurely enjoy their cups of coffee while watching the busy bar below. With every step comes a movement of changing ambiance. When customers reach the third floor, they will have a chance to experience a remarkable Zen feeling.

The former blocking steel facade was replaced with open glass windows and balconies full of plants that allow a generosity of sunlight to energize the place with natural vitality. The storefront glass windows were installed in asymmetrical order, created an intimate, womb-like effect that dulled out street noise and separated guests from the unruly outside world. It is gently revealing yet tranquility private.

The décor of Namra Coffee lay a lot of emphasis on being sustainable. Instead of sourcing mass-produced, commercially available items, the team decided to furnish the place with handmade, local artisans which makes it much more appealing.

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