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Myntra Thinktank

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D Murali

Myntra Thinktank

3Fold Design en tant que Architectes.

Set in the Myntra Headquaters, Bangalore the “Think Tank” is a departure from the typical office typology, as the brief demanded a different approach. The space assigned was part of an existing cafeteria and games area. The challenge therefore was that it had to be completely demarcated, visually and acoustically.


The Studio was conceived as being a cool contemporary workspace for the in house fashion designers and thrives on  its ability to transform itself into a  fashion event space. The office reveals itself to the audience in case of an event with acoustically treated Sliding/Folding doors that open out from end to end.


The intent throughout the design process was to keep the office flexible thereby giving the designers options to work and collaborate out of different seating and meeting arrangements. The back wall adorns a two-step flowing amphitheater which allows for one to work out of a laptop, have quick team discussions or even make a presentation. All the furniture are on wheels, allowing the interlocking tables to join and form bigger work tables.


The mood boards are also movable and can be setup to facilitate the displaying of fabric samples and trims. The ramp essentially is the heart of the office. With a dressing and fitting room attached at the back, designers can try out styles on models and modify them as they choose. When not in use it is also used as a work table.


The peripheral walls are storage with some of the sliding door treated with 3M projection/Writing film and some with slot channel to supports shelves. This storage shutters double up as being surfaces to make presentations by setting mood boards, sketching ideas and also to project  imagery with short throw projectors.


The design proposition from the conceptual stage was to create a comfortable environment for the designers to ideate creatively and effectively.


Material Used:

1. Sugam Engineers - Expanded metal

2. 3M - Writing surfaces

3. Delta - General lighting

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General lightingDelta Light
Writing surfacesWriting surfaces3M
Fiche technique du produit
General lighting
Writing surfacesWriting surfaces
by 3M
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