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The building extension and the appendant gymnasium of the Musterschule, founded in 1803, in Frankfurt's Nordend district underwent extensive renovation by Just/BurgeffArchitekten. The renovation measures include three floors of classrooms, as well as the floor of the sports hall and the associated changing rooms and sanitary facilities. A main component of the renovation was the focus on developing a guidance system in the form of a new color concept. The renovation measures of the redesign have focused on the extension built in the 80s and the color concept runs through the entirety of the extension. 


The entrance and the glazed staircase show off the interplay of colors between the different floors particularly well. While strong colors in the interior distinguish the different floors from one another and serve orientation purposes, the facade has been kept simple on the outside in a traffic white in reference to the existing wooden windows of the old building. The renovated extension thus continues to blend into the overall facade.


A color concept was implemented for the newly designed classrooms distributed over three floors, with a focus on science on the second and third floor, as well as the classrooms on the first floor, that continues the floor colors from the old building. Based on the colors yellow, blue and green, the color concept is also continued in the stairwell.The different floors and the corresponding color thus create a spatial distinction, as was already the case in the old building, and a thematic reference to the premises is created.


The first floor is the main connection between the old and new buildings. The color blue was specifically chosen for the second floor, as this is where the entrance to the auditorium is located, which is also in shades of blue. The assembly hall is the second spatial connection between the two buildings, and by matching the color choice, a smooth transition to the old building was ensured. 


The sports hall was also extensively modernized in the course of the measures. In addition to the characteristic skylight windows visible from the street, the hall has now also gained in brightness thanks to new impact wall cladding made of wood. The hall walls are now uniformly clad in a birch wood veneer. Located to the side, equipment room doors integrate seamlessly into the wall, which are also clad in birch veneer and can be pushed up to access the storage and equipment rooms for mats and sports equipment.


In addition to the impact walls, the area-elastic sports floor and the suspended ceiling were also renewed. The floor, previously in muted colors, was replaced by a new blue linoleum gym floor with pitch markings in bold colors. Not only has the gymnasium gained in brightness as a result of the all-around renovation, but the modernization of the suspended ceilings has also added visual depth. The result is a contemporary and multifunctional hall. 

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