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museum of knowledge

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MUseum as a Digi-Board

E.F-Architects en tant que Architectes.

The main problem of this project mearly khowledge  subject and also what is the difference between this museum and other museums and elaborate the concept of knowledge in how much measure? Is it just for illustraon or also it aims to produce it to other objecve that should be considered was the relaonship of project with it's background. Here in the background is le corbusier's projects. Which was our second objecves Third objecve was social sustainability subject. This site is fully containd administrave projects. And there is no space for social parcipaon so the third objecve was social leading to this site. Objecve 1. Knowledge : according to the subject of the project, this museum should differ from other museums. This is so important that knowledge subject how reveal itself in this project. Knowledge can be revealed in some layers. One of the purposes of the project, not only is the illustraon of knowledge but also it's production. Lecorbusier due to vicinity of this project with le corbusier's projects, its necessary to be in connection with them. The project is dialogue, a dialogue between past and present. Knowledge museum can hook to that building as it's parents. Social sustainability this project is going to build in a completely formality complex due to the recovery of sites and also democratic principles. It's necessary that social sustainability taken into account in this project. Idea : - Terms like: knowledge, le corbusier, human were the primitive  of project formatioon. - For instance concept of knowledge and it's contrast with technology. Knowledge is a subject beyond the borders but technology is regional. Le corbusier as a pioneer architect reminds enormous nations to the mind. One of the themes of le corbusier's project is alameda subject and we have applied this purporst in our project. Other notion were expricist like David Hume and John Lucke who considered human's mind as a blank board that before experiencing anything are unconcious  about that maer. In order to illustrate the knowledge, gallary concept, for producing the knowledge, school concept were used. Idea of the school gallary is a programmatic. Alameda idea is derived from le corbusier alameda subject. In following, by considering expricist of philosophy of science black board idea for illustrang idea of black board as brain was formed. By considering these ideas and imaginations concept was formed. Methodology In order to project objecves approach design was chosen. By investing about objecves of this project these approaches were selected: Refering to geometrical approach, mathematic approach, historical approach and contextualism. Consideration of background design methods of idea in this project by form approach. 

Design Team : Rahman Shokouhi-Deniz Ebrahimi Azar-Yasaman Foroutan
Client : Archasm Organisation
Status : Honorable Mention,top 50
Location : Chandigarh,India

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