Multiple Dwelling Messer Solothurn

Multiple Dwelling Messer Solothurn

Solothurn, Switzerland | View Map
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Alexander Gempeler Bern

A Delicate CELLON Facade that Overcomes the Heavy Appearance of Concrete.

BRUAG en tant que Fabricants.

This project demonstrates the type of delicate architecture that can be achieved using Bruag’s perforated elements.


A monolith with sculptural character – this is how the residential and office building in Solothurn comes across. A vast exposed concrete screen is adorned by the ornamentation of the perforated facade. This playful contrast invigorates the overall impression given, imparting lightness and transparency. The organically-perforated surfaces serve to do away with the concrete’s heavy appearance. Furthermore, the CELLON panels have been laid without using any bars, giving consistency to the perforation pattern, further reinforcing the spacious appearance of the facade. The two materials found in this building could not be more contrasting – which is the very reason they each bring each other into the limelight.

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