Multi-family housing in Avenida de Jerez

Multi-family housing in Avenida de Jerez

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Javier Orive

Multi-family housing in Avenida de Jerez

AF6 ARQUITECTOS en tant que Architectes.

Thirty-five homes and underground parking lots are built for private housing development. It includes the creation of a garden on the ground floor that balances the implementation of new construction with a landscaped lot that provides shade and coolness to the built environment.

We considered the urban parameters of the “garden city” by taking advantage of the individual regulations assigned to the plot. We made the building float over a garden facing south that is invaded by sunlight during the central hours of the day.

The building is organized into two large pieces of different heights. Together they form an open courtyard providing the pedestrian entrance to the building.

We propose a new relationship between the domestic and the multi-family space, capturing first the qualities and then exporting them. Each housing is projected to the outside from a single and large window that invites to contemplate the urban landscape. From the outside, each window is a home.

We offered the essential quality to this set of private homes through the qualification of their spaces. The visual crossings within the interior of the house are continuous. Their relationship with the outside is produced through two facades, supporting cross ventilation and interrelated looks in and out.

The building is made up of two set of houses: those developed on a floor and those in duplexes. Both are alternated in even and odd floors. Within these two groups, different types of housing developed from one to four bedrooms. The duplexes are obtained from the insertion of mezzanines, this action allows to materialize the surface occupied by the external covered space of the ground floor.

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