Malewitsch in 3d

Robert Majkut Design en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

The latest interior of the cinema, designed by Robert Majkut Design, is based in Moscow's Kuntsevo Plaza facility, which was designed by Jerde Design and built by Turkish developer Enka, which will be opened in 2015/2016 as a full complex. The purpose of this undertaking was to create a cinema that would fit into the proposed context of the place, functional and stylistic assumptions and understand the expectations of the recipient - a representative of the young generation in such a contrasting but sought-after style in Moscow. Jerde Design, responsible for the architecture design of shopping mall, in his description of the project very clearly refers to the suprematism of Malewicz, so, to understand our project you should familiarize yourself with the project of Kuntsevo Plaza and its inspirations. Jerde embraced the project deeply in Russian culture, art and the most well-known and internationally recognizable - the object was created in Moscow, close to the 100-year anniversary of the rise of the concept of the Malewitsch suprematism and the development of this idea in art. Suprematism as an artistic conception, reducing the form of components of a work to "atomic" basic forms, became a thought that not only outlined the way the entire center of the facility was designed, but also in a broader interpretation, we moved it into the interior of the cinema. The ideas of suprematism, the concept of reduction and merging of elements, which together with other elements such as the illusion of light and certain abstractness, the illusion of the world of film and image make up the whole phenomenon which is a cinema giving some abstractness of this phenomenon - so coincided with the direction of thinking about our task.

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