Montserrat Square

Montserrat Square

David Closes Architects
Manresa, Catalonia, Spain
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David Closes

Montserrat Square

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The project of renovation and extension of Montserrat square is part of the set of actions aimed at converting the historical centre of the Catalan city of Manresa into a pedestrian area.

The Montserrat square, a complex space, is the result of the original 19th century square and the urban renewal carried out in this sector in the early 21st century. This urban redevelopment has enabled to extend the space of the square and has enabled to open views to the river Cardener.

The project was intended to achieve a unitary order of the space and, at the same time, create three wooded areas where to rest and stay. One of these areas it has been formalized as a stand and a belvedere looking to the gorge that forms the river Cardener.

The unity of the all space is achieved by the creation of a gutter, straight and continuous, which collects the rainwater and around which the three dense wooded spaces are placed alternately. These wooded areas, where also all items of furniture and lighting are placed, combine the specificity of each with the unitary character of the whole project using similar rules.

The location of the elements of urbanization preserves the longitudinal sight to the gothic cathedral of the city.

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