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This townhouse is located in the north part of Barcelona in a quite dense neighborhood. The plot is 33 meters deep, so there was the need of introducing interior courtyards to bring light and cross ventilation to all the dwellings.
Barcelona urbanistic regulations allow to have 1,5 meters deep balconies along the façade restricting them to 1 meter from the side walls. Moreover, they allow to build 45cm beyond the front limit, respecting the 1-meter separation. We decided to take these regulations as a premise, and respond to each adding a twist. The street façade folds in order to receive more sunlight and orientate the dwellings to the best views. The balconies incorporate angles, taking as reference some of the buildings of the neighborhood, defining three different areas in front of the master bedroom, the living room and the single bedroom.


Three different housing typologies face the back yard: the ground floor duplexes, the upper floors duplexes and the two-bedroom regular apartments. The façade responds to this complexity, unifying the duplex with a concrete pergola and distinguishing the ground floor dwellings with a granite cladding in the base.

The inner courtyards façades are painted in white, and white tiles cover the window sills as a strategy to reflect and bring more light to the dwellings. The staircase faces the façade of the courtyard, being partially blurred due to textured translucent glass.


Inside, patterned floors, that combine pink granite with white marble pieces, bound all the communal spaces together. The geometrical drawing of the floors enhances the value of these stones, typically used in Barcelona’s entryways and staircases. On the ground floor, a lengthwise mirror widens the long entryway and multiplies the presence of the bicolor pattern.


Material used:

  1. Facade cladding: Pink lime mortar and STO insulation system, STO
  2. Flooring: Pink and white Granite, Marbres Poblenou
  3. Windows: Technal
  4. Interior lighting: CYL 260 Punto Luz    
Crédits de projet
Fiche technique du produit

Interior lighting`Astro Lighting Limited
Pink lime mortar and STO insulation systemSto AG
Pink and white GraniteMarbres Poblenou
Fiche technique du produit
Interior lighting`
by Technal
Pink lime mortar and STO insulation system
by Sto AG
Pink and white Granite
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