Modular Checkerboard

Modular Checkerboard

2A Design

David Authenac
Pau, France | View Map
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2A Design

Modular Checkerboard

2A Design en tant que Architectes.

The project is detailed like this : 214 rooms, all accessible to persons with disabilities, plus 2 company apartments (provided with the job).

The project is built with a concrete modular system. A huge part of the project is done in a factory. The moduls are then achieved to the building site by trucks. 12 modules are installed in only one day. That technique means a faster building time, a cleaner result, less nuisances for the neighborhood.

216 rooms means 216 boxes. We tried then to play with the boxes as a child would do. We shaped the project to give, in one hand, view through the building for the pedestrians and on the other hand, outside common and private spaces for the students.

On the facade, the project works as a checkerboard. It's a regular black and white pattern; we keep on playing... The facades are not slick, we draw them with a 3d rythm. It gives to the project an unexpected vibration.

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