Mistral Wine Store

Mistral Wine Store

Studio Arthur Casas
São Paulo, Brazil
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Mistral Wine Store

Studio Arthur Casas en tant que Architectes.

The wine retailer Mistral presented Studio Arthur Casas with the challenge of creating a store that would innovate the way their clients approached the wine world. Most of their sales are done through the internet, thus the task was to conceive a space that would showcase the wine in a recreational way, by justifying the physical presence of the client and by attracting both new customers and connoisseurs.

The 100 square meters store is relatively small for the extensive program: sales space, cellar, storage, interactive gallery, reading room and wine tasting. Adopting the curve seemed to be the natural solution in order to integrate this multiplicity by evoking the sensorial perceptions of the wine.

We aimed to invite customers to discover the unique content of each bottle. The curve creates a path where the spaces are gradually revealed. Seemingly floating bottles follow the organic shape, formed by a backlight topped by a wooden lath, giving the store an elegant and discrete atmosphere. A dark stripe conceals several screens that are lit through the touch of white bottles placed within each section, revealing general information.

The bottles are exposed in different manners according to each space, becoming a constant texture in the store. All the technical equipment was hidden within the walls. Separated from the main corridor by an automatic glass door, a double height cellar has its own air conditioning system to store rare wines.

An interactive table was designed to showcase a monthly selection of wines, with sensors underneath each bottle allowing the related content to be projected on the table screen. The bottle becomes a cursor, when twisted, information such as location, interviews with producers and notation appears.

In the rear of the store a reading space was created with books in between the wooden laths that extend to the floor. A Lina Bo Bardi chair invites customers to read next to a double height wall covered with bottles, extending to the tasting space in the mezzanine, where two assembling tables were designed to adapt to the number of guests.

At every space the bottles are presented in surprising ways: even though omnipresent, the object is never monotonous, as it becomes a texture that follows the context of each ambiance. Wine holds sensations and stories that are extremely diverse; suggesting this multiplicity of possibilities in discovering the content of a wine bottle was the starting point of the architectural project.

In Mistral, the presentation of the product cannot be dissociated from the information it contains. The innovation of this project consists on trying to bring together architecture, product, information and interaction into one single entity.

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