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Misthology | Cool Abu Dhabi

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Misthology | Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge

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Heat is transferred between two substances at different temperatures, from the substance of higher temperature to the other of lower temperature. Heat transfer occurs by three mechanisms: conduction, convection, and radiation.

Conduction is the transfer of heat between atoms and molecules in direct contact
Convection is the transfer of heat by movement of the heated substance itself, such as by currents in a fluid
Radiation is the transfer of heat by way of electromagnetic waves
In these mechanisms, heat transfers occur through surfaces of street pavement, building façade, cars and other unknown objects from outdoor environment. To alleviate the effect of heat transfers to the environment, it is crucial to make an effort to impede such transfer process.  Hence, not only shall we make sure that the new installation should not be the medium which causes heat transfer from the material itself, but also it shall create a cooling element to resist the stagnant heat from surroundings. 

Based on materials characteristics, the most effective substances to minimize heat generations are water and green plants. These materials could set off the standard heat gains to the lowest point. In order to utilize these materials, we designed a green wall system on one façade and waterfall system to the other. 

As green wall itself blocks heat gain, waterfall system will be constantly circulated in order to reduce heat transfer. Fallen water basically enters the tank underground and passes through refrigerant cooling and filtration system. This cooled and filtered water (drinkable water) shall be used for the waterfall. In addition, we employ a mist cooling system to enhance the cooling effect in a height of 3 to 4.5 meter above the ground. Also, canopies are added to block sunlight. While waterfall and green wall system would slow down heat transfers, the mist cooling system will extensively add cooling elements to the surroundings.  

On top of these functional strategies, most importantly, the installation shall offer a unique feature to Abu Dhabi. A tower to include the functions mentioned above can be duplicated or multiplicated to create a monumental form that expresses, in this given site, mountains above clouds which we refer as a mythological image of coolness. At the end, we believe, the final installation would be an epic which generates a functional and aesthetic cooling system to the city. 

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