Mirador da Cova

Mirador da Cova

Arrokabe Arquitectos
Parroquia da Cova, O Saviñao, Lugo, Spain | View Map
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Luís Díaz Díaz

Mirador da Cova

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A reinforced concrete slab unloads on both existing retaining concrete walls and new load-bearing concrete walls, with an exposed face executed with a formwork of wooden logs of different diameters. This platform connects the main part of the belvedere, creating a large space on the upper floor acting as a plaza that articulates the space between the area enclosed by the traditional winery buildings, which include a barrel wine processing area, a meeting room and the shop, and the stairs and ramp leading to the building of the new winery. The pavement of this space was unified by extending the existing cobblestone in the upper area between buildings through the passing.

Above the steel pillars, the structure is built with acetylated pine wood, characterized by its high levels of durability and stability. This decision has allowed us not to use any coatings with biocides that could wash out and end up affecting the next plantation. The constructive detail has been taken care of in a conscious way to extend, evenmore, the lifespan of the construction assuring its permanence in the time and adding it, this way, to the heritage that the following generations will inherit.


Material Used :
1. Reinforced concrete
2. Galvanized steel
3. Stainless steel
4. Acetylated wood
5. Granite stone paver

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