Minimalist Mini School (MMS)

Minimalist Mini School (MMS)

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Mini Quranic School for Children

Habibiears en tant que Architectes.

Tahfizh House Design for the umpteenth time.. ^^
Because it seems that many are looking for ideas.
This is a habibiears concept for those who want to start a tahfizh house on a limited area of 6x15 m with 2 simple floors.
Includes one office plus enclosed space on the 1st floor
Musyrif's house/office room on the 1st floor
Wudhu and toilet area on the 1st floor
As well as one large semi-open classroom on the 2nd floor.
The minimalist front facade at the same time covers the simple roof at the back.
The roof covering can be asbestos, spandex, zinc sheet, or fiber. According to the budget and needs and thermal conditions.
The roof frame can also be created with hollow iron or mild steel canals. Once again according to the budget and desired conditions.
Hope it's useful! ^^

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