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Mind Makers

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Mind Makers

STUDIO DLUX en tant que Architectes.

Studio dLux was selected to design the first flagship of the brand Mind Makers, a code school for children from 7 to 12 years old. The Sao Paulo’s architecture studio proposed a fun and colorful enviroment, promoting the idea that coding can be done by the little ones.


The 300 square meters building, previously a hairdressing saloon, is composed by a reception, two classrooms, a Coworking space for the parentes, a management area and a meeting room. All of these spaces are connected by a hallway with a wood parametric ceiling that creates the idea of movement.


By combiningthe abundance of natural light with wood lamps and the vivid colors of the brand, used on the walls and furniture,energy was brought to the space. Part of the furniture wastailor-made for the school, allowing different classroom layouts, by moving the monitor pannels and desks.


The facade is the highlight of the project. It is composed by a huge orange pannel, engraved by a CNC Machine, createsa raspberry circuit, the same one applied by the students on their classes. The led lights behind this pannel, that can be controlled by the students via app, creates a beautiful light effect during the evening.

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