Mercedes-Benz Gallery „Unter den Linden“ Berlin

KTP Kauffmann Theilig & Partner en tant que Architectes.

2009 the first Mercedes-Benz Galleries were opened in central locations in major cities to present the brand from Stuttgart. All showrooms are designed with the same recognizable components and in a spatially distinctive way. After the first Gallery in Munich, the second Gallery in Berlin "Unter den Linden" opened to public - not far from the first branch of Mercedes-Benz, which opened 100 years ago.

Mercedes-Benz is presenting itself in a showcase by using a maximum of transparency in the façade. On two floors there are over 1500 square meters of various presentation and shop areas, including an exclusive restaurant. The dominant feature is a formative element, a fluid-shaped, perforated wall with glossy black finish, which provides a homogeneous background for optimum automobile presentation. The black and luminous sculpture has different functions - it joins, emphasizes and subdivides. By its position in the space it creates areas and also mediates communicative contents. Media design and graphical elements as well as furniture and cabinets are integrated into the wall.

The perforation of the wall with deep wooden reveals increases its dimensional effect. Varying colours of the backlighting change the atmosphere in the showroom and emphasize the contents of the screens. The finish of the wall and the quality of craftsmanship resemble the impression of a grand piano. The use of plane-wood for flooring and furniture complete the high quality appearance of the showroom. It reflects the values of manufacturing and the high quality standard of the brand Mercedes-Benz. The new Galleries are more than just a showroom: Changing vehicle presentations, exhibitions on current issues and events make them a vibrant location for art events and city life.

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